Hoosca is a functional and fashion piece. Depending on
fabric it is made from, it can serve as a functional item
i.e; a hoosca in water resistant materials can be used for
protection of rain. A hoosca in light fabrics such as cotton
can be used for protection of sun, a hoosca in wool, or fur,
can be used for cold weather.
Hoosca as a Fashion piece, can be used as a way to
accessorize an outfit. With the many fabrications and prints it
can be used as a way to express an individual’s sense of style.
Our product although being fashion forward can also
be seasonal and regional, it can be appealing to all
these factors based on fabrications.
Designer Germaine Renner’s lineage is what led her to her career path. Bloodline carried the craftsmanship and trait of making clothes.

Continuing the legacy of the women before her in her family, Germaine evolved into a Designer by default, it was such an easy path to follow. Preceding the steps of her Grandmother who made a living as a skilled seamstress and master at embroidery, to then her mother who took it a step further in becoming a talented and very intricate Patternmaker, that organically led Germaine into becoming a Designer. She grew up in a house full of creativity, full of materials, fabrics, trims that were her playground. She would spend Summer’s at her mother’s work place volunteering and playing in fabric warehouses. Her and her sisters would always create their own clothes and lived their lives into their teenage years in a creative household, where half of what they wore was made by their mother and themselves.

Germaine’s career as a Designer has been a very insightful and knowledgeable experience. She has worked for major Corporate companies and Design houses, has been an independent Designer for freelance highly creative jobs, that have opened up avenues and the desire to branch into her own. Feeling in a great place as a Creator and ready to show the world a side that has not yet been able to develop fully into her true self, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and rules of the industry to become the Designer she is meant to be. Leading to the creation of Hoosca.