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    I worked with Hästens Los Angeles for over a year taking their social media and online presence from nearly the ground up. We had a lot of success with many aspects of their growth, but were limited as a franchise in others. I completely changed the way Hästens markets itself digital on international scale by implementing a social media marketing strategy based on sleep education, and stressing the importance of sleep in the daily life. This caused most other branches of Hästens, including HQ in Sweden, to take their social media toward more education oriented content and sometimes even posting exact I've posted.

    I started with creating the Hästens Los Angeles branding and website. Before my arrival there were two identities: Hästens on Beverly and Hästens on Montana, splitting up the brand with the lengthy names and even longer urls. I simplified the branding and focus, the social media, and created the website. It is rich with content about the brand, but not as heavy as Hästens' main website, as they wanted to ensure their clients could reference things when making their buying decisions.