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    PES: ~peace eco smile~

    The first Social Media campaign I worked on with Toyota was PES through c.2k Communications. PES was a campaign aimed toward fans of Japanese anime. They paired up with Studio 4Cº to make a 6 part anime short series, and I was able to work on the project because of my interest in Japanese anime and background in marketing/graphic design. In my work I created headers, banners, wallpapers, icons, and other graphics for Social Media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, tumblr, and forums on the internet. I did some design but mainly, I crafted strategies and messages to effectively attain an audience via establishing online relationships with blogs and media outlets, and created accounts that were attractive thematically while rich with relevant content. I was able to get PES nationwide attention via a partnership with Crunchyroll, the US’ largest anime watching website and only legal anime streaming service available for all devices both home and portable.

    I was also able to put PES in talks with Anime Expo, the country’s largest anime convention where they had very prominent ads and were exposed to nearly 100,000 anime fans all 4th of July weekend.

    The Race

    The Race was a social media marketing campaign designed originally to market Toyota’s new FT-86, the successor to the AE-86. In the US this car is known as the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. This car was a combination design from both Subaru and Toyota, and my job was to spread public knowledge of the Scion FR-S via social media. I designed a look and feel of branding for “The Race” where it ran thematically throughout the social media accounts. We had all accounts in several languages for international reach and would post content about other cars, but always lead all content to funnel back to the FR-S. The focus was to get people to blog about the new car, and reach out to big name blogs who hadn’t already and spread social and public awareness of the car’s release. Later down the line we ended up using The Race to promote all things performance and innovative from Toyota including the Prius PHV, the Toyota WEC Hybrid, and various other things when Toyota would want a campaign.