Dolce Aqua Swim

This was a website I was asked to finish and make responsive by the company Dolce Aqua Swim. I took over the work of a project that was outsourced to India that became quite the undertaking due to direct modification of the theme vs using a child theme. This site ran on WordPress with a heavily customized WooCommerce product management system. After weeks of trial and error and sifting through oddly coded bits of php and css, I modified and recoded a lot of the way the site worked and made each category display a different banner depending on the category. It also displays the reverse product view on hover when on the search and catalog pages and shows the price of both the top and bottom on the catalog page, a feature not native to WooCommerce. On each product page it displays both products, the details of both the tops and bottoms, and the ability to share that individual product on a variety of social media platforms. The entire site is responsive and switches to a custom blog theme that was implemented by the previous developer. A lot of the design is not my choosing, but you can see what I did at the link below and