Tash was a singer songwriter I worked with as both a social media manager, day to day account manager, and web designer/developer. I created a concept for her new website. Seen here in the screenshot, you can see the dynamic background, navigation, and music player that played songs while you navigated. In the center you can see the Tash Logo-Menu. The user hovered over the menu to select different pages, and each page would have a different background picture of Tash depending on the category after you selected it from the dropdown. The menu box would either turn into the the text window for pages with writing or turn into the navigation for a slideshow page where the slideshow’s images would occupy the fullscreen background. It was a cool design, but we never went through with it over time-allowance and budget differences. They implemented a similar background-changing idea on their most recent page.

  • Categories: Freelance, Graphic Design, Social Media, Web Design, Web Development
  • Client: Tash Philips
  • Project Date: 9/2012-10/2012