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I'm a Graphic/Web Designer & Front-End Developer from
Los Angeles, CA. My focus in all of my projects is to create a memorable, well designed, & more functional world.

I’m passionate about creatingwebsites & graphics that are a great experience to use and that are visually stunning, beautiful, yet as simple or complex as needed forthe best possible design. In college I learned the basics of graphic design and coding HTML & CSS, but my 6 years of agency & freelance experience taking on many roles creating and designing for a diverse assortment of brands gave me both flexibility and a broad skillset. Additionally, my background in sales & marketing has given me the ability to think from a results-oriented perspective during the creative process, thus enabling me to create designs that are marketable, effective, and aesthetically on point. With my diverse skillset, resourcefulness, and ability to master new skills and ideas quickly, I’ve been a proven designer, developer, marketer, and valuable asset always striving for excellence for companies and organizations around the world.



Web & Graphic Designer, Developer, & Social Media Manager @ Hästens LA

April 2016 - May 2017
  • Created the brand "Hästens LA" to unify the different stores located in West Hollywood & Santa Monica under one brand to easily market online.
  • Designed & Developed a brand new website on Wordpress in line with Hästens branding that detailing the brand's history, creative process, and product line extensively. (Click here.)
  • Created a plethora of branded graphics for Social Media engagement
  • Over a six month period gained a 2000% increase in followers across Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter via heavily targeted ad campaigns + promotions & social engagement.
  • Helped Hästens LA gain popularity with celebrities, eventually being featured at The Emmy's, The Grammy's, and many other star-studded events.
  • Set a standard for the way Hästens markets online around the world with many franchised locations copying my exact content

Web Developer & Graphic Designer @ Power Websites

August 2015 - December 2015
  • Designed dozens of logos for websites of the same subject matter
  • Designed dozens websites with identical content to be differentiated from one another as separate sites
  • Built websites with a 1 day turnaround time with Wordpress and various plugins + builders
  • Mastered time management for a heavy workload of quick turnaround content

Graphic Designer @ Enabler Media

May 2015 - August 2015
  • Designed logos, advertisements, pamphlets, menus, social media assets, and many other graphics for several popular businesses around Los Angeles and on the Sunset Strip

Web Designer @ Captain Marketing

August 2014 - October 2014
  • Designed & developed websites & blogs using Wordpress & Adobe Muse for various clients
  • Designed & developed a social media marketing services website with a php backend that worked with social media API

Graphic Designer, Web Designer @ Primewinn

May 2013 - August 2013
  • Designed logos, slider banners, buttons, email templates, business cards, charts, promotional material, and various other design-related projects for and featured on Primewinn.com using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Conceptualized and created designs to maximize User Experience and flow of the website by working and communicating with Creative Director and Developers
  • Created an automated procedure to maximize efficiency with a streamlined process developed and taught to the art department for procuring, resizing, and editing product images for Primewinn’s many vendors
  • Revised and proofed designs for final approval in proper use of branding and the website’s design themes at Creative Director’s request

Social Media Marketer, Assistant Digital Strategist @ c.2k Communications

March 2012 - February 2014
  • Worked directly with Senior Marketing Strategists to develop campaign and brand messaging strategies for social and paid media
  • Maintained a Customer Relationship Management system for specific campaigns and digital communities to optimize communication and organization
  • Researched digital communities to identify influencers and develop/execute outreach strategies via social media and blogging platforms
  • Created brand and campaign-specific best practices guides, banners, wallpapers, ads, icons, and email blasts for social media accounts and the Digital Marketing team
  • Monitored trending topics to guide campaign maintenance strategies and assess effectiveness of posting
  • Managed branded social media accounts including creative writing as brand characters featured in the campaign


BSc | La Sierra University

September 2004 - May 2007

Major in Biomathematics, with a Minors in Graphic Design & Music

AA | Riverside Community College

January 2005 - June 2007

Basic college courses applied toward Bachelor’s Degree

Crafton Hills College

September 2002 - May 2004

Basic college courses applied toward High School and Bachelor’s (age 14-17)

Stanford University

January 2002 - May 2002

Studied Calculus and Physics in an online program for younger students (age15)

HSDG | Redlands East Valley High School

September 1999 - December 2001

Combined AP self study classes with Community College Courses for accelerated graduation. (age 14)


Web Design

I can design a website of practically any type. From e-commerce to brand-building and anything in between, get in contact with me and let's discuss your future web project. With a good direction and a clear vision, we can create the perfect design to convey your brand perfectly to your audience.

Web Development

If you need me to create a site coding from scratch, I can do that as I have a great knowledge of HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/etc. If you're looking for a site you can manage, evolve, and even change the look and content of later down the road, I can set up and build a site with Wordpress or other CMS.

Graphic Design

I am skilled at conceptualizing and preparing designs and artwork using the Adobe Creative Suite for illustrations, ads, logos, social media assets, and other types of content. Contact me for any graphic design project you may have.

Print Design

I am skilled at conceptualizing and preparing designs and artwork using the Adobe Creative Suite for any type of print design from giant fabric banners to flyers. Contact me and let's discuss your print project.

Social Media Management

I can set up accounts, manage ads and content, strategize content, write copy, and create graphics and other media for social media.

Multimedia & Video

I can create and edit many types of videos with Adobe Premiere and After Effects, especially social media videos.

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